Thursday, May 29, 2014

             I like football. I always play football with my brother in the morning. It is international game. I do not like swimming because I can not swim very well. I play football with my friend every week. Many people enjoy watching football because they like cheer for their favorite team. It is a fast moving sport. To play this sport you need a football and two goal posts. I like football because it is easy to play. It is very fun for me.

visit Las Vegas

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Visit Las Vegas

      I would like to visit Las Vegas because it is fantastic city. It has many beautiful places. Las Vegas is one of most important cities in America. Las Vegas located in south America. I think it is the first city in America. It has beautiful place which is called red rock.  I hope to Visit Las Vegas as soon as I can.


       My favorite sport is soccer. Soccer has a popular because it is first sport in the world. I think soccer has 200 years ago. every world needed the soccer. You need to play soccer two teams each team has twelve player , rule , court and ball. I like it because it has interesting than the world. General opinion to soccer I think very well.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Abdulrahman Alshammari
Ssong WG

My Favorite sport

            I love swimming so much. It is my favorite sport. It is very popular, because all world know this sport. It`s in the international Olympics. You can do this sport alone and you can’t swim in the winter because it`s so frozen. If you want to swim you need only a swimming pool or you can go to the beach. I love this sport because my father taught me how to swim. It is so useful to relaxing and drill. In my opinion swimming is so useful for the body. I hope in one day to be common in Olympics.

       My favorite sport is soccer but I don't like basketball. I play soccer ever Friday. I think it is popular because the soccer games the first in world now. I think beginning the soccer in 1365. Maybe the people need play soccer 45% of world. I need fires techart  scanned trousers sport finally boots sport. I like this sport because it is a good and fun.  I think people like this sport because fun.


       My favorite sport is soccer.  It is popular sport because it is not expensive sport.  This sport is very old maybe before 200 years ago.  It needs tow teams in each team eleven player.  We need to play soccer clothes, boots, ball and court.  I like this sport because it is healthy for body and when I play soccer I feel happy.  For all these reasons I love soccer.

Favorite sport

       My favorite sport is a racing car. It has a lot of fun and activity. Little people like this sport because it's a very dangers when we drive the car to high speed. The car racing its the old sport in my country. My country team is a very big in the world. I have two cars for the racing. I love the sport of my brother because he was practice this sport. I love this sport and I'm very happy when the drive car.

I like basketball because it's a special sport. It's popular because it's very old. James Naismith invented basketball in 1891. If you want to  playing basketball, you need a 5 person foundation and a 7 persons precaution. Anyone can play, to play it just go to a club for basketball, or make a team and exercise. I like it because my father is a good player and I want be like him, it’s very healthy for the body and it's a good job. I can't stop playing, I'll play all the time with my team. When I do play with my friends, I am happy. I hope everyone tries it, I think this is nice sport. 
     My favorite sport is soccer. It is so popular because it is so exiting. Many people like to watch soccer games. It is very old sport. Every each team need 11 players on a field. If you want to play soccer, you need  good field, soccer clothes, soccer ball and soccer shoes. Sometimes I play on weekends. I like to watch soccer games because it has many exiting cups. Such as, world cup is coming soon. I don't like some players and some teams. Soccer is a good sport if you want to play or watch. Soccer is my life. 

          My favorite sport is football. The football is a popular sport because everybody likes it. The football is very old. It needs twelve players in each team. To play football we need players, ball, and court. I like this sport because it includes several activities. Also, this sport is good and suitable for health and mind. Football is the best sport in the world. 
Mohammed Alyahya


                   Exercises of the most important things for me. I think this sport is popular because many people need to exercise. The exercise is very old maybe before 560 years. You can play with the people or with your self  you don't need many people. I like this sport because it's very healthy for my body and Strengthens bones and muscles and give you a beautiful body. You can play this sport any time. This sport is very important for the people because It's Health and strengthens the immune.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I like football.I always play football with my brother in the morning.It is an international game,I do not like swimming because I can not swim very well.I play football with my friend every week.many people enjoy  watching football because they like to cheer for their favorite team.It is a fast moving is played by two teams with eleven on each was first played in the united states in play this sport you need a football and two goal posts.I like football because it is easy to play.It is very fun for me.


My favorite sport                                                              

              My favorite sport is swimming. It is a popular because it is very interesting. This is swimming very old. There is no specific number for this sport. The people need to swimming pool and some games and clothes for swimming. I like swimming for many reasons:*It is a relaxed sport and it is a fun and I became happy. I love swimming in the summer but, I do not love in the winter. My general opinion about this is a good game and fun for everyone.                                                                                                                       

The basketball in my life
         My favorite sport it is a basketball because my father many years likes and plays this game. I had a more time in gym with my dad when I was a small girl. As far as I know the basketball invented more than 100 years ago in USA. Now this game very popular in the whole world and in my country too. The basketball is a game of team. Usually two teams play basketball and each team has 5 players. All players takes the ball and try to get it in the basket another team. All of players are tall, such as my father is over 7,5 feet tall. I never don't play basketball in professional team because I am a petite woman. Sometimes I play basketball with my father and husband. We had a funny time because basketball is a one of the favorite sport in my family. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

         My Travel To Dubai 

       In this paragraph I will explain my travel and which city I like to spend my vacation on it. I like to spend all my vacation in Dubai. To get to Dubai takes me 16 hours by car to arrive there. I have a lot of reasons to go there such as, very good beach, Khalifa Tower, and Dubai mall. There are 3 special activities I like to do them are swimming, visit Khalifa Tower and take pictures, do shopping in the Dubai mall. I will stay there for one month. I going to travel there next summer with my family. Finally, I advice you to travel to Dubai and visit Khalifa tower.  

My city


       I want visit to Florida because there are a beautiful places. There are Abigail activities.there are a nice restaurants. In Florida you can swim and go to museum and city games. I want to sit in Florida one week. I choose this city because it's  a new place for me. I want go to Florida in Simmer.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Vacation In France
     I want to visit  France because it is pretty city.I will travel there by airplane in the morning. I want to go shopping in the evening.I want to see the Eiffel tower.It is big city.It has beautiful places.the weather is nice in France.I will stay in France for one week.It has pretty museums.I want to see the sea.I like France because it has many fun things to do.  
My  Vacation In France
I want to visit France because it is pretty city.I wiii travel there by airplane in the morning.Iwant to go 
shopping in the evening.I want to see the Eiffel tower.It is big cite.It has beautiful places.The wather is nice in France.Iwill stay in France for one week.It has prtty museums.I want to  see the sea.I like France because it has many fun things to do.

Friday, May 23, 2014

I like to visit Florida. I want to visit it in the winter because the weather is very beautiful .I need to.  visit Florida by fly. I want to visit it for many reasons :the weather is nice and Florida has many   famous place and it has an nice beach.I can do to swim in the beach and eat seafood.I want to stay . about 10days.Florida is tourist city

         Imagine life in Paris. I want to visit Paris because it makes for me happy. I want to go there by plane. I hope go there for three reasons. Paris has much kind of activities. Paris has many art museums and historical buildings. There are many different restaurants with all kinds of food. The Eiffel Tower is the most famous sight in Paris. I wish to go there with my husband for two weeks. Paris is a city of fantasy. 

Assignment #1

Khaled Mohammad
Sunyung Song
WG 2
23 May 2014
Assignment #1

 Dubai City
            I love visiting Dubai city for many reasons. Dubai city has many land marks to visit for tourists. Khalif tower is the highest building in the world . In addition there is a large international track racing that located at Yas land . I join with my friends in racing and have Formula cars. This island containing 10 hotels such as Rotana, Ibis and Crown Plaza. It has more and very big complexes like Emirates mall. It contains Ski Dubai. This is a very beautiful because it has skiing and skate board. I hope everyone who visit Dubai enjoys and feels happy.


My Plan to New York

      I want to visit New York because it is beautiful.  New York it's a big city. Maybe I will visit next month.  I think I will go  New York by fly. I want to go New York of reasons famous person big buildings and many activities such as, Times Square and Status of Liberty.  Maybe I will  stay just  one week. I love New York so much. New York city is one  of the cities that I hope visit soon. 
My dream is London

        I like to visit London because it is a one of oldest city in Europe. It’s my biggest dream. I hope next year l will fly to London with my family. I know this trip will be amazing. London has a historical Old Town and many interesting building, because it is a capital of United Kingdom and Queen living in this city right now! I want to take a walk on tourist boat. And at last I hope to visit famous Baker street. I liked to read stories about Sherlock Holmes from Baker Street. I think my trip will be no more one week, however I'm not sure now. I believe next year I will see city of my dream.



       I want to visit Italy. It is pretty and a big city. I can go by airplane.  I want to go there because the weather is very nice. It has delicious food. It has many zoos and museums. I want to walk in the nice weather , after that I want to enjoy by eating delicious food.  Next year I want to go to Italy and I want to stay there there three weeks.  I hope to visit Italy very much.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

       I want to visit Hawaii. I can go to Hawaii by airplane. I want to go there because it has many beautiful islands. It has a great ocean. It has a good weather. I can swim in Pacific ocean and play soccer on beach. The weather is usually sun and hot. I want to sat one week or more than a week. I will try to go to Hawaii in this winter. I like Hawaii so much. I hope to visit Hawaii. 
                                               My sister

I like my sister her name is manal.She is 26 years old.She 
has son.She always gets up at 7:00 am.She  always good for me.She likes flowers and chocolate.I hope good life for my sister.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

                                                                             My sister 
          My sister's name is Abeer.She is 35 years old.She has one boy and two daughters.She alway    gives me money and she always helps me every day.I hope to see her soon.

My Friend by Eid

My Friend
The most important person in my life is my friend ( Raid ). He lives in Saudi Arabia. He is 20 years old. He studies at University of King Saud. I love him because he looks like my brother. He stands with me when I get trouble. I hope a beautiful life for him.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My friend's

      My important person is my  friend. His name is Ahmed. He is about 21 years old. He always gives to me. He likes soccer. He cooks a good. I love so much my friend because my pest friend.

My mother

                                  My mother

My mother is very important for me. Her name is Nawal. She is 42 years old. She has five sons. She always gives me advice. I love my mother because she is a best mother

Monday, May 19, 2014

Important Person

       The important person is my close friend. His name is Fahad. He is 35 years old. He always stays with me. Every time we hang out together. He always helps me in all situations. He mad of me if I did something wrong. For example, he does not like to see me smoking. Fahad is the best friend ever.

My Mother

                                                    My Mother

        My mother's name is Tomiya.  She is 54 years old.  She has five sons and four daughters.  She always cooks delicious food for us.  She likes her grandchildren very much. She always wants them yo come to her house.  She is the greatest mother in this life.
                                                             My important person

              My important person is my father . His name is Faadhel . I love him so much .  Because he give me every thing i want . And he always take care of me . And he is 50 years old . He have great wife and 4 sons
My father love as so much . I am sure he is vary important to me .
My mother

        My mother's name is Nora. She is 47 years old. She always helps me to do the pest in my life. She goes with my another city to complete my bachelor degree. I love my mother so much and I hope that pleased my success in Master. She always tries to make his family happy. I can't describe my mother more because I am sure she is important person in my life.     

Friday, May 16, 2014

My important person.

           My important person is my husband. His name is Vlad. We live together 16 years. He is so smart and funny. He always asks my opinion about important things for our family. A lot of time he plays with our suns. He reads many books and knows many interesting story. And he makes me happy.

My Mother written by Aymann

My Mother

     My mother is important person in my life. She is 46 years old. She is a teacher. She always takes care of me. She has four sons and two daughters. I love my mother. My mother is important person for me.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

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