Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Important Person

       My important person my friend because the best friend. His name Ahmed. He helped to me any time. He was born 1994. He studied in college. I liked soccer, but Ahmed liked basketball. I and Ahmed studied together in high school. He always gave to me. I didn't see Ahmed last three years ago. This my important person in my life.


  1. You have a good friend, Meshal! Overall, you tend to omit verbs in your sentences. For example, pleast look at this one.

    "My important person my friend because the best friend." Do you see verbs in this sentence? Change it to: "My important person is my friend because he is my best friend."

    Look at other sentences and include verbs.

  2. Hi Meshal
    Good paragraph, please look at this part
    "His name Ahmad" you don,t have verb in this sentence. Change it to:"His name is Ahmad". And "He helped to me any time". Change it to: "He helped me any time"