Friday, June 13, 2014

My future dream

        My future dream is to become Mechanical Engineer. Engineer is a good job in my country. Frist, I will study in the University.  After that I will work in my country. Next, I will work in the oil company. Then, I will get a good salary. After that, I will be to the big Engineer in my country, but I need to support the company to open special company. I will be a creator specialist. I don’t like work in the government, but I would like work in the privet company. Finally,  I hope that my dream is checks.  


  1. Good paragraph khaled
    You should be the order of the words
    I mean (first, next, than, after that, finally)
    actually I like your dream
    I hope you have that

  2. Great plan! Your family will be proud of you!
    I agree with Mohammed. Please use the ordering words correctly. The last sentence is not clear. What do you mean by "checks"? Please revise the sentence.

    Also, you forgot to include at least one negative sentence (future, not simple present). Please use "will not" or "(am, is, or are) not going to."

  3. Hi Khaled! I like your topic.

    I think 4 and 5 sentence talk about one moment in your life. will you want to make 1 sentence? "After that,I will come back to my country and I will work in the oil company.

  4. Hi.
    I hope you become big Engineer.
    you can do well to do the best.