Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My best friend

    My best friend was Bader. He lived in Kuwait but he was born in Saudi Arabia. He studied in Kuwait and he graduated from Kuwait high school. My friend Bader had some hobbies like swim and soccer and he was playing with my soccer team. Last year we went to cinema to have some fun. When we got there we watched a comedy movie that was ``the underground comedy movie``. When the movie finished, We ate our dinner. In this time I can`t see him because I am living  in united states and he live in Kuwait. Finally I love my friend too much. I wish to see him as soon as possible. 


  1. Hi.. I like your paragraph, but you have mistake ( He live in Kuwait, but he was born in Saudi)

  2. Aymann, good point! But "he lives in Kuwait" is correct (not "he live in Kuwait").

    Abdulrahman, you have the same mistake at the end of the paragraph. By the way, you have a very good friend!