Friday, June 13, 2014

                                                                  My future dream
           My future dream is to be a teacher in a University in my country.

 First, I will study all  of the  IEP in the  University of Dayton. Then,

when I finish the IEP in the University of Dayton I will study for my Masters

 in the University of Dayton. My major will be ECE. Next, I will go to my

 country because I will be a teacher in the University in my country. 

Then, I will be a teacher but my sister will be a nurse. Next, I will not 

 be a nurse. Then, I will get a good life in the future. Finally, I 

will become a good teacher in the future in my country 

because I will study and work hard in America.


  1. This is a great plan! I'm sure you'll be a good teacher in the future.
    There are some mistakes in the future tense. For example, look at this part: "I will teacher in University my country."
    You can say: " I will be a teacher in University in my country." There are similar mistakes in your paragraph. Please fix them.

  2. Hi Entesar. This is a good paragraph, but you have some mistake when said {My future dream is teacher} you can writ {My future dream is to become a teacher } and {I will teacher but my sister will nurse} you can writ {I will be a teacher, but my sister will be a nurse}.