Friday, June 13, 2014

Ssong wg2

My future dream

           My future dream is to become I dentist. First, I will take my education. Next, I am going to study human body. Then, I will make some money. When I will be famous dentist in the world. I will not forget my mother and my brother because they encouraged me. I will help a poor children because it is my goals in my life. Finally, I hope to be a dentist next year.  


  1. I hope your dream will come true.
    Abdulrahman, please include at least one compound sentence (and, but or so).

  2. I think this is good dream in future.

    I agree with you help poor children.

    I think you forgot put in your paragraph one compound sentence.

  3. Hi..
    you wrote a good paragraph.
    you used a good ordering words like(first,next,than..)also, you should write compound sentence.
    Finally,I hope to be a famous dentist.